Florida → Utah

Did you know we moved? Stephen has a legal internship this summer at a law firm in Utah. So last Thursday we packed up the Prius, said goodbye to Florida for two months, and headed west. The first day of the trip was my favorite. I loved driving on bridges over the swamps in Mississippi and Louisiana- it was absolutely beautiful. 
 While in Louisiana, Stephen kept driving past Raising Cane’s. Every time he saw one he made sure I was aware of it. He really wanted to eat there so we stopped in Alexandria and got ourselves some chicken and fries. When we got to Texas we stopped in Dallas to visit Stephen’s sister. We went to the park with our nephew Marcus and found a mama duck and her two tiny little chicks. We also found a baby turtle and a whole lot of tadpoles.
We couldn’t believe how grown up Marcus was. He was pretty excited to see his uncle Stephen. They played all day.
 On our way out of Texas we saw a bunch of giant windmills. Unfortunately you can’t really see them in the picture I took, but they were there, I promise. Crossing the Texas-New Mexico border was interesting. It got really stormy, I mean 60mph winds. Then it started raining. Cars were getting blown all over the road… not my idea of a good time. I felt sorry for the poor people on motorcycles, that must have been terrifying. Thankfully the storm blew over.
 Heading north in New Mexico we drove past several rock formations. Most of them were eroding, but there were a few big ones left. Just shy of Moab we spotted some arches. I love southern Utah, it’s such an fascinating place.
Finally we made it to Price canyon. It was gorgeous, very green and lush. On our way out of the canyon we passed more windmills (a sign that we had made it to the valley). We drove for a few more minutes and reached Provo. We love those mountains and that Y… ah, memories. We’re so happy to be back, even if it’s only for a few months.