Liebster Blog Award

Our little blog has been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award! Exciting news, right?! If you’re not entirely sure about what this means, no worries, I’ll explain. It’s an “award” that is given to highlight and promote small(ish) websites or blogs with under 200 followers, in hopes of giving recognition to those who share their talents and creativity. 
I was nominated by my former roommate Mandy, over at Baking With Blondie. She’s such an awesome friend, I can’t even begin to describe how much I respect and admire her, not to mention drool over the yummy things she whips up for her cute little family. Seriously people, check out her culinary skills!

So I guess it is now my turn to nominate 3 bloggers. My picks are:
1. Claire, over at Belle and Whistle (art/photography)
2. Freya, over at Sincerely Freya (crafts/photography/wholeliving)
3. Emily, over at It Bakes Me Happy (baking)
Thanks again Mandy- you’re the best!