Life lately, according to instagram

Last week we were extremely busy. On the 4th I was tired and didn’t feel like making dinner so we headed to Cafe Rio. We didn’t want to get a late start on our hike up Y mountain (where we watched the fireworks from) so we scarfed down our food. Boy was it good // We’ve really missed their sweet pork, and I’ve missed their giant salads!
On Thursday I headed to Rhode Island to be with family. Strangers love to make comments about how bright my luggage is and how it will never get mistaken for another suitcase. The bright pink isn’t really me, but it’s always nice to be able to spot your bag within a matter of seconds. // I wore my new LBD- $15 from Target, such a steal!
Blessed Sacrament Church where we attended Mass in honor of my uncle. // Eating dinner with family in the house that my dad lived in when he first came to the United States. It was my first time being in that house.
 They only sell brown eggs where my family lives, kind of cool! // Pile of Biscoff cookies from all of my flights. I will definitely be using those in something! Maybe cookies, cupcakes, bars or cheesecake? Hmmm…
 Have you ever seen a red mushroom? We spotted one on our walk around a mansion in Bristol, RI. // We came to the end of the road and it went straight into the water. There was a man fishing just off the shore and while his back was turned the seagulls were eating the fish he had caught. It was so funny!
There were butterflies on the ground at the Blithewold Mansion. // Sail boats from the America’s Cup.
Lighthouse turned into private residence // Waterfire (night festival) on the river in downtown Providence.
All in all it was a long and tiring week. Hopefully this week will be a little more relaxing!