Past St. Patrick’s Day Projects

This past week has been a little weird to say the least. Stephen is off school and I’ve had 3 classes and Cub Scouts this week. I guess were switching things up? Along with the schedule change I’ve been trying to spring clean, finish sewing projects and shoot/edit photos for homework. Needless to say, I’m feeling a little worn down. I thought spending an afternoon at the beach would be the cure, but things have only worsened since then. Maybe it’s the warmer weather + pollen + wind (allergies perhaps?). I don’t know. I’ve just been tired and with the usual sore throat stuffy nose. So unlike last year and all of it’s St. Patrick’s Day crafty gloriousness… this year I made cookies. And that is it. Sorry to disappoint. However, if you need some inspiration, I put links to past projects, so check them out.

1. Clover Garland
 2. Pots of Gold
 3. Potato Clover Stamps
 4. Button Necklace
 5. Felt Clover Pin
 6. Rainbow Cupcakes
 7. Rainbow Jello
 8. Lucky Charm Bars
9. Green Eggs and Ham Cups
10. Festive/Favorite Recipes