Halloween Bunting Banner

Where has fall gone? The other day we went to a RSL game and it started snowing! I was surprised that it had gotten so cold so fast! I’m not going to lie, we’re kind of excited for snow! Stephen will get to ski and I will enjoy turning on the fireplace and sipping hot cocoa while it comes down outside! It seems so much nicer when you don’t have to walk to school or classes in it! Anyway, I’m really looking forward to our fireplace (we’ve never had one before), not only because it’s going to heat part of our home, but because we get to decorate the mantel for holidays! I’m such a girl, I know. Right now it’s adorned with pumpkins and pictures, but I thought it needed something more… like a banner. That’s when I came up with this printable. I made several copies of it so that it would reach across the length of the fireplace, I cut/hole punched them and then strung them up with some really cute twine. I love the touch it adds, and I hope you will too!