How To Make Perfect Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I’m partnering with Ghirardelli to bring you today’s recipe. All opinions are my own. Thank you for helping me work with companies I love!

Step by step instructions for how to make perfect chocolate covered strawberries. All you need is TWO simple ingredients!

Skip the expensive pre-made chocolate covered strawberries and make them yourself! They’re quick, easy and the perfect gift to give for Valentine’s Day. They can look elegant or fun, no candy-making skills required. The entire family can get involved!

Pull up your sleeves, wash those strawberries and melt your wafers, because you’re going to be a pro by the end of this post!

Step by step instructions for how to make perfect chocolate covered strawberries - packages of melting wafers surrounding a plate of coated strawberries.


  • Pick ripe, deep red strawberries. This can be tricky, especially because strawberry season is just starting. Make sure the strawberries you choose are similar in size, firm, blemish-free, and red all the way up to the leaves
  • Rinse your strawberries in cool water, then pat dry. Make sure they are completely dry before dipping them. If you’re not using strawberries from a farmer’s market or berry patch, make sure to remove them from the fridge before preparing anything else. Any excess moisture will prevent the chocolate from sticking to the strawberries or could cause water drops to pool in the chocolate.

Step by step instructions for how to make perfect chocolate covered strawberries - washed strawberries ready to be dipped.


Quality is key! Don’t grab a bag of cheap chocolate chips or a waxy bar of chocolate. You will taste and see the difference. Grab a bag of Ghirardelli Melting Wafers instead. They’re incredibly easy to work with. You don’t have to temper them (because who has time for that finicky process?) and they stay silky smooth long enough to dip several batches of strawberries. Once dried, they have a nice snap and a beautiful sheen to them.

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