Chocolate Mint Sandwich Cookies

These chocolate mint sandwich cookies are soft and chewy with homemade peppermint buttercream inside. This is my mom’s famous recipe!

Chocolate mint sandwich cookies with candy cane peppermint filling.

These are the cookies my mom would ALWAYS make every year at Christmas. They’re thick, soft and filled with a sweet peppermint buttercream. I get numerous requests for this recipe every holiday season, so here it is!

Traditionally, these cookies are filled with green peppermint frosting, however, we like to make half of the batch with a pink tinted crushed candy cane buttercream. The choice is yours folks! If you’re a super indecisive person like myself, do both.

Chocolate mint sandwich cookies pile on a plate ready to be served.

This cookie recipe is different than any other cookie recipe I have ever made. Why? Because you make it on the stovetop! 

The butter and sugar get melted in a large nonstick pot, then you remove it from the heat and stir in a bag of semisweet chocolate chips, water, and the dry ingredients. Pretty strange, huh? I like to use a wooden spoon to mix the dough together. It’ll look shiny and greasy, don’t freak out, you haven’t ruined it! As it bakes it magically transforms into thick, chewy cookies.

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