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No Soak Instant Pot Pinto Beans

Fool-proof no soak Instant Pot pinto beans. They are tender and flavorful and best of all, effortless! The perfect side for a fiesta!

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No Soak Instant Pot Pinto Beans |

Pinto Beans in Instant Pot

Who else has been intimidated by cooking dried beans?

Maybe it’s the long soak or the fussy cooking process. Whatever it is, I NEVER seem to get them right when cooking them on the stovetop. Then I tried making them in the Instant Pot. Success! They were tender, flavorful and absolutely delicious.

These no soak Instant Pot pinto beans are so versatile. You can use them in a variety of Mexican dishes or on the side. They last for up to a week in the fridge which means you can repurpose them again & again if you don’t eat them all in one sitting.

Instant pot pinto beans

How to Make Instant Pot Pinto Beans

Everything is done in the Instant Pot with the exception of dicing the onion. Simply cook the bacon down a bit (it doesn’t need to be fully cooked) saute the onion and then add everything else in. Easy, right?

P.S. Don’t skimp on the seasoning- it’s what makes these beans!

Make sure you use fresh dried pinto beans. By that I mean don’t use beans that have been sitting in your pantry for more than 6 months. The longer beans sit, the longer they take to cook and the higher the chances are that they will be hard after the given pressure cook time.

Once the beans are fully cooked, open the lid, remove the bacon and stir. Let the beans sit for 5 minutes to absorb some of the liquid. The longer the beans sit, the thicker the liquid will get, so don’t worry if it looks runny at first. Garnish with some cilantro and enjoy!

Slow cooker instructions? Cook on low for 10-12 hours.

Pinto Beans in instant pot

Recipe FAQ

How to Store + Reheat? Store them in the fridge and then reheat in the microwave or on the stove. You may need to add more water or chicken broth if the beans seem thick

What to serve with it? We love to serve beans over rice or in other dishes. Our Cilantro lime rice pairs great with these beans, especially in Mexican dishes.

Can you freeze cooked beans? Yes, let it cool completely and then place it in an airtight freezer bag. This can stay frozen for up to 3 months. Let them thaw out before

No Soak Instant Pot Pinto Beans |

No Soak Instant Pot Pinto Beans Recipe

Fool-proof no soak Instant Pot pinto beans. They are tender and flavorful and best of all, effortless! The perfect side for a fiesta!
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Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: Mexican
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 1 hr 5 mins
Total Time: 1 hr 15 mins
Servings: 12 ½ cup servings
Calories: 86kcal
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  • 2 strips uncooked bacon
  • 1 small onion - diced
  • 4 cup low-sodium chicken broth
  • 1 1/2 cup water
  • 1 1/4 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 1/4 tsp kosher sea salt
  • 1 tsp chili powder
  • ½ tsp cumin
  • 1/2 tsp coriander
  • 1/2 tsp paprika
  • 1/4 tsp ground black pepper
  • 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
  • 1 lb pinto beans - rinsed and picked through


  • Turn Instant Pot on SAUTE mode. Once hot, add the bacon and cook for 2 minutes, flip and continue cooking. Add the onion and stir, cooking for about 2 minutes. Pour in the broth and water. Add the garlic powder, salt, chili powder, cumin, coriander, paprika, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and pinto beans.
  • Place lid on, and turn Instant Pot on MANUAL mode with high pressure selected for 47 minutes.**
  • Once cooked, allow for the pressure to release naturally, this usually takes about 15-20 minutes
  • Open the Instant Pot and remove the bacon and stir. Let rest for 5 minutes before serving. Garnish with cilantro if desired. Cooked beans will last for 1 week in the fridge.



* I used uncured applewood smoked bacon
** If using older beans, you may need to add up to 10 minutes additional time.
- 2 tbsp. diced green chiles make a great addition to these beans


Nutrition Facts
No Soak Instant Pot Pinto Beans Recipe
Serving Size
1 serving
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
Saturated Fat
Trans Fat
Polyunsaturated Fat
Monounsaturated Fat
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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  1. My husband is vegetarian and I always have a hard time finding a recipe for pinto beans that has you wanting to go back for more. This is it! You nailed it, and everyone that taste these beans love it! Thank you, 🙂

    1. Technically as it’s made with bacon, even though you remove it before you were served the dish, the beans are not vegetarian. If you accepted to coconut oil or one of the manyn

    2. Anything cooked with bacon is *NOT* vegetarian.
      Even if using only a teaspoon of bacon grease for seasoning in a recipe, it is no longer vegetarian.
      Actually, any type pork is easily detectable by vegetarians.
      Example: A restaurant had the vegetarian symbol on their onion soup yet, upon first taste, I immediately tasted beef. Even though there was no sight of beef in the served soup, it was obviously used when cooking, or maybe just a bone was used for season, either way, it is not vegetarian (and I descretely let them know).
      In your husband’s defense — Considering I’m a lifelong, natural-born vegetarian, meat flavor or scent may be more descernible to me than to those who made a conscientious decision to become vegetarian.

  2. Made this, and loved it! Passed the hubby test too. He really liked the taste. Question, would this freeze okay? It’s just he and I; to avoid waste I like to freeze a portion when it’s feasible. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kim! I haven’t tried freezing these before, but I don’t see why no – they should freeze just like cooked canned beans.

      1. So these are fantastic and I’m not one that typically loves pinto beans. I will definitely make again. I gave some to my dad as well and he thought they were delicious and he is very picky about pinto beans. The only alteration I made was cooking them in Better Than Bouillion ham base instead of chicken stock. 

        1. I didn’t know BTB made ham base! I picked up a tip years back to use equal parts chicken and beef broth for recipes that feature ham/pork. It’s worked well for me, but I am curious on the ham base option. Appreciate you sharing!

    2. I add ground meat to the pot and serve with cornbread. I thicken them by mashing up some of the beans and stirring back into the mix. I own a FoodSaver and use it to seal them. They freeze perfectly. You could use ziplock bags and remove all of the air before freezing.

        1. 5 stars
          I love this recipe, but I don’t understand taking the bacon out! I’ve been chopping the bacon up very small before cooking it and leaving it in. Then I turn them into refried beans and they are so good!

          1. What a great idea to chop the bacon smaller and leave it in. Glad you loved it!

      1. 5 stars
        I use this recipe and substitute Great Northern beans. Cook 51 minutes. I cook them at least twice a month. Absolutely delicious

    3. Probably too late for this comment, but I freeze these beans all the time. I use a food saver and vacuum seal them. Works great. Might be a little more mushy when you defrost, but barely. I always make extra and keep some in the freezer!

    4. I freeze beans all the time & they keep wonderfully. I usually add water to them when reheating because the juice always seems thicker.

    5. Technically speaking, these beans are not vegetarian as they are made with meat. the bacon used to cook them is removed before you serve the beans, but it flavors them and the fat renders out with the bacon and diffuses among the beans. Because the beans are also cooked with chicken broth instead of vegetable broth they are doubly not vegetarian. If you substitute refined coconut oil or one of the many vegan buttery spread and use veggie broth instead of chicken broth it would be vegetarian.

      1. 5 stars
        Hi I make this all the time I I love it! And I usually
        use olive oil or refined coconut oil and vegetable broth. I am not a vegetarian or vegan but I like the healthier option. This way always work out just as great as the non vegan. So making this vegetarian/vegan is totally doable!

  3. I made these last week and you’ve ruined me. I can’t ever eat canned beans again! They were delicious! I have a question though. If I did soak them the night before could I use the sane recipe and just cook them for a shorter amount of time? Would I have to use less water if they are already soaked?

    1. I can’t say for sure but even the overnight soak usually only shortens the cooking time by <5 minutes overall. That being, in my opinion, it's never worth the effort of presoaking. As for the other component of your question, I think all the Instant Pot recipes I've encountered for dehydrated beans have all had essentially the same recommended amount of water for both pre-soaked and beans that have not been soaked, overnight or quick.

  4. Could I use beef broth instead of chicken broth? I made these a couple weeks ago exactly by the recipe and they were amazing. By far the best I’ve ever eaten. If you haven’t made these yet do it now you’re missing out!

      1. I know I’m a little late replying lol but the beef broth worked just as well as the chicken. It was amazing!

  5. Followed the directions, used organic pinto beans, cooked 47mins, they weren’t done Done!!
    Put them on again for 30 minutes More, Hope they get done!!
    Only thing I can think of the pinto beans were older than 6mos. ?

    1. The pressure valve should always be in the sealed position right after closing the lid. Does that make sense?

  6. Have you ever tried this with a ham hock?? Making these tonight and I have one in the freezer! Also, wondering if 2 pounds of beans would make the instant pot too full? 

    1. You bet I have. So delicious!! You know, I think you’d be fine doubling it. Please come back and let me know how it worked for you!

  7. I’ve cooked soaked pintos in my instant pot many times, but today I didn’t plan ahead. Looking for a recipe to give me timing and quantity of liquid for cooking dried beans and found this. Great recipe. I didn’t have any bacon on hand, so I used the trick that gives dishes a smoky flavor when I cook for vegetarian friends. In place of the bacon and cayenne, I added a heaping teaspoon of ground dried chipotle pepper. and I subbed smoked sweet paprika for the regular paprika. Oh, and since I didn’t have the rendered bacon fat, I used a couple Tbs butter to saute the onions. Ok, I’m one of those annoying people who praises a recipe but I didn’t actually follow it! Really, I would have if I’d had the bacon, what can I say?! This recipe was great inspiration for my interpretation. The beans ended up with both heat and smoky flavor. Thanks!

    1. My Spouse is also a vegetarian so we always add a couple dashes or to taste of Liquid Smoke (Hickory). It gives a great smokey flavor.

  8. These beans were amazing! Thank you so much!! I made this with cornbread on a cold rainy day. Hubby ate 3 bowls full! Now I’m searching on here to see if you have anything with Northern Beans. We love those too, but I usually just get the cans.

  9. Hi, I usually make my beans on the stove, but since I just got my Instapot, I’m super hyped to use it for everything.  I normally use salted pork slab and Rotel, do you think cook times will be the same if I use these ingredients? 

    1. I would think so! I don’t see why either of those ingredients would change the overall time. Please let me know how they turn out!

  10. I’m not able to set the manual settings for 50 minutes to cook pinto beans, once it gets to 4 minutes it goes back to 0:00 help!!

    1. Eek! I’ve never had that happen before! After hitting manual you should be able to use the + sign to add more time.

  11. Brittany (9/1/2018) asked about soaking the beans before cooking them and I have the same question.  I was taught to soak beans to reduce gas and have found that doing so also has the advantage of making them “creamy” and just down right delicious. Would I use less liquid and make an adjustment to the time?

    1. I also had this exact question! I went looking for an answer, and found one: Cook the soaked pinto beans for 1/2 the time (25 minutes). Add 3-31/2 cups water or broth for one pound of soaked pinto beans. Supposedly soaking them first aids in our body’s ability to digest beans.

  12. I have always slowed cooked my pinto beans so tried your recipe with my recipe which I  add a can of Rotel, and one light beer ( Tecate) for this batch, as part of the liquid. I used no water only chicken broth and beer for about 7 cups of liquid which is plenty to have a nice broth…. I also always dice my bacon and leave it in, do not remove….. only other thing,  I deleted the cayenne pepper since I was using Rotel and added about 1/2 tsp of jalapeño salt… the beans were tender after 50 min.. I like mine quite a bit  softer so switched to normal mode in the slow cook setting for another 2 hours since it’s Sunday and I am home also making chili and Mexican cornbread.  So if I were to do it all under pressure not sure how much total time I would want to use to get the beans to the softer state we enjoy with our chili. And advice ? 50 min pressure and mine were soft but  al dente. 

  13. I finally found the perfect recipe for well seasoned pinto beans in the instant pot. Thank you! They were delicious!!

  14. The reason liquid in an instant pot doesn’t sound like enough (but it is) is because there is no steam escape. I learned this trying to make rice. My stove top recipe is 1 cup long grain rice to 2 cups water. The first time I made rice in the I P I did the same ratio and had a complete mess slurry if you will. When I found a recipe and followed it the ratio was 1:1 and it works beautifully. The stove top doesn’t have the sealed environment so half your water evaporates and you need more. Thanks for this recipe!

  15. This is by far my favorite dry beans recipe. I plan to use the same recipe with black beans and will let you know how it goes! I like the save the cooking liquid to cook rice with, or if I’m making refried beans use it as the liquid to add back in the pan! I recommend this recipe to everyone I know with an instant pot. It’s perfect for making freezer bean, rice and cheese burritos. Easy substitutions for vegetarians are butter in lieu of bacon and veggie stock instead of chicken.

      1. Does the time change for 2 pounds of beans? I’ve used this recipe for one pound beans, but today I am doubling the recipe and wondered about the time.
        By the way, this recipe is soooo good! I used to use a ham hock, but you dont need to with this reipe.

        1. It shouldn’t. I am so glad you like them! We love them! It might take a little longer, but it shouldn’t.

  16. My family loved the recipe for your pinto beans. Thank you for posting it.
    I saw the beautiful pictures of your family and was reminded of the advice my Mom-in-law gave me when we had our first and only son. Put all the great things your children do and say in a journal because you will never remember all of them. Though you look like the kind of Mom who is probably already doing that!

  17. I tired this recipe but I sauteed a tbsp bacon flavored bits & onion together. I used 2 cups of water instead of the 1.5 cups and no coriander because I didn’t have any. The beans smelled so good & came out great. I will be making them again.

  18. Omg, we love beans and this was by far the best beans I’ve made in the IP!
    I now need to find a delicious crockpot version for my friend because she loved them so much!
    Thanks for sharing this recipe!

    1. Thank you Marie! You could easily make these in the crock pot- but they would require about 10-12 hours on low if doing the no-soak method.

  19. This recipe is really good! This is the 4th time we’ve made them! Perfect every time. Highly recommend!

  20. These turned out really good, but I made a few alterations.

    1) I didn’t have an onion, so I substituted it with 1 1/4 tsp of onion powder
    2) I omitted the pepper and used peppered bacon
    3) I used a bag of standard mixed beans (no idea on if they were less than 6 months old)
    4) I cooked them on HIGH for AN HOUR AND A HALF

    They turned out flavored more like bean with bacon soup than standard “soup beans.” Next time I plan to add more water as there was not hardly enough liquid left after spooning the beans into a bowl with corn bread.

  21. These are in my Instant Pot right now I chose your recipe because you added seasonings lol. So many dont and, come on, we NEED seasoning g. I also add w pig if Sazon Goya, which really enhances the flavor too! I also used my homemade chicken broth that I canned and froze. Cant wait to try the finished product!

  22. I cooked two lbs 6 cups, beans added tomato soup and can of tomato sauce plus ham bone . 4 cups chicken broth, 2. Cups water. Also I threw in 1 cup beef stock. We’ll see how it turns out!

  23. 5 stars
    Thank you for this amazing recipe! I made it tonight with just a few tweaks. We had a ham bone left over from Thanksgiving so I used that rather than bacon. I also left out the chicken broth and went with just water. I had some smoked paprika and I used ground chipotle rather than cayenne, and I added a shake of dried cilantro. My son said they are amazing! I do wish I’d have cooked them a while longer. I have no idea how old the beans were, but I think 20 more minutes would have been good. They were still a bit firm when we tried them, but still delicious!

    1. Forgot to mention – there’s no way they’ll last a week in the fridge. They’re so good I’ll be surprised if they last through dinner tomorrow night!

    2. Sounds great!! I know what you mean about them not lasting! Thank you for letting me know what you did!

  24. 5 stars
    When I first got my Instant Pot, I didn’t really know what to do with it. These beans are amazing. I would say I make beans in the Instant Pot once a week. Sometimes I have bacon, sometimes I don’t. Either way, this recipe is wonderful. Thank you for taking the guesswork out of the timing and measurements.

  25. 5 stars
    Beast beans ever! My husband loved them as well! So easy! We were doing a Daniel Fast and omitted the bacon. Still delicious. The bacon is not necessary. I do have a question though. Can you double the recipe in an Insta Pot? If so would doubling the spices make it too strong? 

  26. Somewhere up in the comments someone asked what size instant pot you were using, and that they had an 8 quart instant pot. I know because I was looking for this comment so that I could find out too. I have a 3 quart Instant pot and needed to know so I know how to scale the recipe. It would make things much simpler for the readers of “LIfe Made Simple Bakes” if you included the size of pot you’re writing the recipe for. Perhaps add it in the title, ie: Instant Pot Pinto Beans in a 6 qt pot.”, or at the beginning of the write up for the recipe.

  27. 5 stars
    I have made these beans twice in one month. They are delicious and my husband loves them. The first time I made them, I used the pinto beans. Yesterday, I didn’t have pintos and since we are staying away from the coronavirus, I used red beans. They were equally good. You are right when you say the seasoning makes them. Thanks for the recipe!

    1. That is perfect! Great option! Thank you for letting me know what you did. So happy you liked them!

  28. I cooked these according to the recipe and they weren’t done. After the natural release, I tried them and cooked them for 10 more minutes. They could have used more time but family was starved.

  29. got a question…. i don’t need cook a lb at a time……. so if i want to do 1/2 lb beans, do i cut all the ingredients in half as well…… including the liquid….. thank you
    …….. Joe

  30. 5 stars
    This is a terrific recipe! I vegetarian’d it by omitting the bacon and used vegetarian broth. I also added a chopped jalapeno (omitting the cayenne. I halved the garlic powder and added 3 big chopped cloves of garlic. It’s the very best flavor combo I have tried. You nailed it!

  31. My instant pot doesn’t have a manual setting. I have duo plus. Still set to pressure cook high for 47 minutes? 

  32. 5 stars
    Delicious! Just the right amount of seasonings! I didn’t have any coriander but didn’t miss it.

  33. 5 stars
    The best pot of beans I’ve made! Absolutely delicious. I left out the cayenne because I didn’t have any, but it was still so good. 

  34. 5 stars
    Made these yesterday evening. Did not have bacon, but did have kielbasa, so chopped and threw that in instead. Followed the recipe as written, but had to add some extra time because the beans were not fully cooked. Regardless, these turned out wonderful. Delish! Thank you!!

  35. 5 stars
    I have made this recipe several times. It is AWESOME! Best pinto beans ever! I do cook them a bit longer as they aren’t quite as soft as I like them at 47 minutes, but I love, love, love this recipe. I just finished putting spice packets together for my four sisters so they can just dump it in without having to measure all the spices. We grew up eating pinto beans, and I just know they’re going to love this recipe. So glad i found your site!

  36. 5 stars
    No denying delicious. A few small tweaks as it just sounded like it would enhance the dish. First, no way I’m tossing the bacon, so I chopped it up fine and left it in. I added one Bay leaf, 1/2 tsp of Oregano and one jalapeno quartered cut length wise. Amazing! The only thing I would change is that with my 6 quart Insignia insta pot, 47 minutes resulted in too soft of a bean (perfect to mash into re-fried) Next time I’m going with 44 minutes.

  37. 5 stars
    I used bacon seasoning instead of bacon. Also went light on the cumin and chili powder but added extra paprika. It’s delicious! Cooked brown rice to go with it and some cornbread. Yum!

  38. 5 stars
    My family loves this recipe. I make it at least once a month. I just started a new diet and counting calories. I noticed that the calories are 1041. That seem very high for pinto beans. Is that just for the entire batch or per serving? 1 lb of pinto beans will make roughly 6 cups cooked.

  39. Not everyone that is looking for reciepies is expert with instant pots a little more info on how to set the pot would be useful Some pots do not come with cook books I”m struggling with the pot not sure if I’m going to blow up the kitchen or not
    Not sure if it was good investment or not?

    1. I like the instant pot because you don’t have to be “perfect” to have an excellent meal. I pretty much only use the high setting and do the quick release because that still takes about 10 minutes anyway. Two tips: always close the pressure valve when you start the machine and open away from you after all the pressure has release. Don’t over think the appliance and start experimenting with recipes you find on Pinterest. After using the Instant pot for a year I moved to the Ninja Foodi because I like the dual instant pot and Air Fryer in one appliance rather than the two I had on my counter. Happy cooking!

  40. Just a dumb question. If you cook 2 lbs. of beans instead of one do you just double everything including cooking time? 

    1. I probably would double the other ingredients, though I don’t know if the time would be doubled. Not sure if it would need it.

  41. 5 stars
    These are perfect! I made them vegetarian, just sautéed the onion in a little olive oil before adding the liquid. I made 2 lbs of pintos, will portion out and freeze. Perfect right out of the pot with cornbread, or refried for bean and cheese burritos!

  42. Can you cut this recipe in half? If so do I need to change the cooking time? 1lb of beans are just a little too much for my husband and I.

  43. 5 stars
    Best recipe, I’ve made them several times. I find cooking these 1 hour 15 min is perfect. I  also add 2 tsp fajita seasoning as well as a touch of “slap yo momma” for a little more heat. After I open them up I add 1/4 cup butter. Bad for you but oh so yummy 
    Great recipe, thank you!!

  44. 5 stars
    I never leave reviews but these are honestly the best beans I’ve ever had.  We’ve made them 3-4 times already!

  45. 5 stars
    I haven’t made this yet but I am sure I will like it. I may have missed something but I don’t see anywhere that this is advertised as a vegetarian dish. It is advertised as Instant Pot Pinto Beans, and I think that is what the recipe is. The bacon is removed but I didn’t interpret that to mean she was trying to make it vegetarian. I think she just didn’t want those strips of bacon floating around in her beans. That might turn off some people, but the bacon would season the beans, and she removed the limp bacon strips after they had seasoned the beans. At least that is my take.

    1. You are correct – this is not a vegetarian dish but could easily be made into one by omitting the bacon. Let me know how it goes when you make it. I would love to hear how you liked it!

  46. 5 stars
    OMG hands down the best pinto beans I have ever made using my Instant Pot and I have tried dozens of recipes.

    Perfect addition to the catfish and hush puppies we had.

  47. 5 stars
    Love this recipe! Have made it so many times over the past year.
    I’m trying to calculate calories, what is the serving size?

  48. 5 stars
    I just LOVE this recipe! It’s more like a borracho or pinto beans soup that you get at Mexican restaurants. Which is very different than the homestyle-cooking version that I grew up with (that I also love).

  49. 5 stars
    This is our go to pinto bean recipe. I make it once a week. Everyone who has tried it has asked for the recipe. Thanks for a great one!

    1. You’re welcome! I love hearing it has become a go-to recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  50. 5 stars
    These were delicious! I didn’t have bacon but had bacon grease leftover so I used that for the sauté of onions. I had had the beans in my pantry for some months so I pressure cooked them for 57 minutes per the instructions. I loved not having to soak them! And honestly – they taste even better the next day! Remind me of the pinto beans at Chipotle! Will be adding this to my favorites list.

  51. 5 stars
    I’ve been making pinto beans for 30 years and my husband loved this variation!! I haven’t been a huge fan of pintos, but I am Now !

  52. 5 stars
    Family loves this recipe. Husband favorite dinner is steak, these beans, and rice. Sometimes I make this and put in blender for refried beans. I often will add a serano or jalapeño in with onion to saute.

  53. 5 stars
    Absolutely delicious I’ve been making pintos for a long time and the spices just push this over the top really really good.

  54. 5 stars
    This is the absolute best pinto bean recipe! I used 4 strips of bacon and increased cooking time to 59 minutes and it was perfect.

  55. 5 stars
    Great! I used salt pork instead of bacon and lots (5 strips,) and I decreased the salt because, salt pork is salty. Upped time by 5 minutes because I hate to bother with hardness – overcooked soup beans is not a thing. Made cornbread and topped with sliced red hot chili peppers, cilantro, and tomatoes. With a side of stewed Kale. Yum! (Yes, we are southern mountain folks ya’ll.)

  56. 5 stars
    This was perfect! Loved the consistency! My youngest loves refried beans and hates regular beans, so to appease him I mashed some up with a fork. He was all for it! Loved it and had quite a bit on his nachos!

  57. 5 stars
    This recipe has become a mainstay in our home. These are the best southwest beans I’ve ever had, even compared to quality restaurants. I use Anasazi beans from Adobe Milling and chop up a bit more bacon to leave in. Otherwise I use the recipe as is. We use some of the left overs in chimichangas and taquitos. They are versatile and smell so good, while cooking. Thank you for such an easy-fix, great-tasting recipe!

  58. 5 stars
    The best instant pot pinto recipe! I’ve tried a few other recipes recently that didn’t cut it, but these are fantastic.

  59. Not sure what the serving amount is on this recipe? I am feeding 25 people and wondered what the serving amount is on this recipe. I think I should double it ???? What do you think?

    1. Hi Cindy, thanks for letting us know. This recipe makes twelve 1/2 cup servings. So, doubling it sounds right!

  60. 5 stars
    These are the best pinto beans ever. They are now our New Year’s Day tradition. I save the ham bone and chunks of ham from Thanksgiving and use that instead of the bacon. And the leftovers I freeze in quart bags for refried beans later.

  61. I can’t give it a rating just yet. My instant pot does not have a MANUAL mode and I’m a newbie. I set the time for 47min but it won’t (or I don’t know) how to put it on a lower setting if it needs to be. Please advise. Tia

  62. 5 stars
    Amazing beans. Love this recipe. So easy to follow and complete. I had to use minced onions since I didn’t have any fresh. Can just imagine how it would turn out with fresh onions.

  63. 5 stars
    This is my go to. If I have a leftover ham bone from Thanksgiving or Christmas I throw it in. If at the end you release pressure and add some carrots, green beans and celery, PC it for 3 more minutes, you have a well rounded meal. Oh! Don’t forget the home made bread!

  64. 5 stars
    I’ve been making this recipe for abou two years now. I leave out the bacon and use 1/2 tsp of Liquid Smoke instead. I add a 10 oz can of Rotel and do not add the water. Sometimes I’ll use black beans instead of pinto.

  65. 5 stars
    I use this recipe a lot. The beans come out so nice and full of flavor. I do use fresh garlic instead of the powder. This is always my go to for dry beans.

  66. 5 stars
    This is my go to for beans! They come out really yummy. I leave mine for about an hour because I’m in a higher elevation.